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Monika Żurek - CV


„Magazyn Akwarium” magazine - Illustrator
11/2018 - now


  • preparation of specialist illustrations related to the aquarium life
  • remote work

„Gallop Koń & Jeździec” magazine - Illustrator
09/2014 - 05/2018


  • preparing illustrations for educational boards (supplement to the magazine)
  • drawing patterns related to horse riding
  • remote work

Ridero IT Publishing Spółka z o.o.” - Illustrator / Cover Designer
08/2016 - 03/2018


  • preparing book covers according to the authors' guidelines
  • constant contact with the editorial office
  • remote work

Konique - Illustrator
12/2014 - 04/2018


    • preparation of graphics for t-shirts and canvas bags according to guidelines and own ideas
    • initial design of graphics used as an engraver
    • development of graphics for messenger applications
    • making and processing product and promotional photos
    • remote work

Holsinda Management Limited - 2D Graphic Designer
01/2015 - 08/2015


  • preparation of background graphics and symbols for casino games based on written requirements in the game – digital painting
  • cooperation with other artists on the improvement of graphics
  • remote work

„Koński Targ” magazine - Illustrator
11/2012 - 05/2014


  • preparation of illustrations based on text materials or photos
  • creating articles about drawing step by step
  • talking about illustrations with the authors of articles
  • remote work


University of Silesia in Katowice (Cieszyn)
2011 - 2014

Art Department, Artistic Education
Specialty: Painting

Bachelor - Painting

University of Silesia in Katowice (Cieszyn)
2014 - 2016

Art Department, Artistic Education
Specialty: Painting

Master of Art - painting
Annex: concert photography

Permissions arts teacher at all levels of education


Participation in a collective exhibition of paintings at the Biennale in Cieszyn Venice (2012)

Participation in the Vincent's Pocket Biennale in Poznan as one of the teaching art groups (2015)

Numerous minor exhibitions of works (in schools, Public Library)

Co-organization of communal cultural events

Manager of the Mementoria band (rock / progressive metal) (08.2015 - 06.2018)

Participation in the post-competition collective exhibition of the 6th Bielsko Satirical Contest "Wrzuć na luz" (2017)

Running a blog with reviews and articles (2013 - 09.2018 only artistic themes, currently the project titled: Czapla pisze)

Captain of fire group Gildia Ognia DraCorde (08.2020 - now)


Years in the artistic and creative trade

I started by drawing portraits for friends - now it's working with companies, public figures and music bands.




Adobe Photoshop 80%

Adobe Lightroom70%

Adobe Illustrator50%

English Language65%

I move in many techniques and artistic styles

I am open to full-time cooperation

I am willing to cooperate in creating illustrations, book covers, editing photos and writing articles (or reviews). If you are interested, please contact me.