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About me

About me

I’m Monika Żurek

An artist, a dreamer, a woman of many talents. I can’t get bored, because there is always something to take care of.

I have many hobbies - some are seasonal (because I come back to them from time to time) and some are still going on. I think that it is worth mentioning love for the generally understood nature. I am also passionate about any handicrafts such as the creation of jewelry or cross-stitch. Sometimes I do archery!

However, I have several passions that have been accompanying me continuously for many years:


  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Music and singing
  • Horses and equestrian
  • Aquarium

My specialties are:


  • Illustrations for magazines & books
  • Book covers
  • Portraits drawn from photos
  • Concert photography
  • Articles & reviews

I have many dreams and goals, step by step
I try to realize them.

I love to learn new things, mainly when it comes to handicrafts or cooking. If something does not come out right away - sometimes I let go and come back to the subject after looking at it from a different way.
I like RPG, adventure and logic games. Often during the game I analyze the graphics of the application (such a habit? ;)), Maybe someday I will be able to work on the creation of a computer game or console.
For over 10 years I have been practicing my own voice singing songs of my favorite artists. Independent singing, unfortunately, is quite annoying, but it resulted in the ability to speak long without fatigue, good articulation of words, setting successive goals and proper use of the diaphragm in stressful situations (yes, the right breath is important).

I'm also poi dancer in fireshow group.